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A teacher stands before a class of diverse elementary students.
April 15, 2024
Equity-focused leadership promotes inclusivity in our learning environments and communities. Here’s how the online Master of Education program at Tulane promotes equitable values.
A teacher grades assignments at her desk in an otherwise empty classroom.
April 5, 2024
MAT and MEd programs are popular among professionals pursuing careers in education. This article summarizes their similarities and differences.
Close up of a student's hands typing at a laptop computer.
March 27, 2024
Online master’s programs involve unique challenges you won’t find in residential programs. These nine can help you succeed in an online graduate program.
Two instructional designers collaborate on a project.
February 14, 2024
A Master of Education degree from Tulane can prepare you for a rewarding career in instructional design. Learn more about this fast-growing profession.
A teacher addresses a group of adult learners.
February 13, 2024
Managing a full-time job alongside a Master of Education degree program may not be as hard as you think. These tips can make the experience more workable.
Outdoor sign on post in front of brick building reads: Board of Education, Superintendent's Office
January 12, 2024
A Master of Education prepares professional educators for careers in the classroom, school administration, government, advocacy, and the education industry. Earn the degree online at Tulane.
A student engages a virtual chatbot assistant on a laptop computer.
January 4, 2024
Artificial intelligence is changing education as we know it. Learn how the online MEd program from Tulane is helping educators prepare for the future of AI in the classroom.
A smiling female Asian teacher carrying books encounters a female student on a school stairwell.
October 2, 2023
With ever-increasing frequency, America’s professionals and prospective professionals are pursuing master’s degrees to improve their skills, employability, and earning potential. The data tells the story: Since 2001, the number of people aged 25 and older holding a master’s degree has more than doubled. More than 14 percent of adults currently hold an advanced degree.  Business […]
A smiling Black female instructor standing in front of a whiteboard gestures emphatically.
September 7, 2023
Tulane seeks future education leaders committed to equity, inclusiveness, and social justice for its online Master of Education program. Teaching experience is not required.