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What does it mean to be an online MEd student? At Tulane University School of Professional Advancement, it means engaging with a diverse cohort of peers, integrating multiple perspectives into improvement plans, and combining virtual coursework with community-centered applied learning experiences.

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Where the Audacious Learn to Innovate 

The Tulane SoPA online MEd program values unique and divergent perspectives. We seek candidates from various educational and professional backgrounds to ensure that each peer cohort is intentionally diverse. Some students will be experienced teachers looking to bolster their skill set, while others will be service-oriented leaders aiming to increase access to equitable, inclusive education through policy development or nonprofit work.

What Is the Career Outlook for MEd Graduates?

SoPA’s online master’s program prepares graduates to serve their communities in a number of capacities. Given that education leadership can take many forms, the following list of potential career paths is by no means comprehensive or limiting: 

TEL (Teaching English Learners)

Special Education

Equity-Centered Education Leadership

Learning Experience Design

Why Choose an MEd from Tulane to Advance Your Career?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), career counselor and community service manager roles are projected to grow 10% and 12% between now and 2031, respectively — more than twice the national average.1 

As the world scrambled to accommodate distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for curriculum designers grew quickly — so quickly that Inside Higher Ed called it “the hottest job in higher education.”2 As the online learning space continues to evolve, questions around virtual pedagogy will need answering. Accordingly, the BLS expects instructional coordinator and designer roles to increase by 7% between now and 2031.3

Current teachers intending to stay in the classroom can also increase their earning potential with an MEd. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average base salary of a teacher with a master’s degree is $66,940, which is nearly a 27% increase from the base salary of a teacher with a bachelor’s degree ($52,910).4

Online Learning Management

At Tulane, we’re proud to utilize a high-touch, engaging learning management platform. Visit our main Tulane SoPA website to find resources on the online student experience, how to navigate our learning management system, and student expectations and policies.

An online MEd student sits at a desk in an office

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