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Career Spotlight: Master’s in Education Jobs and Outcomes

January 12, 2024

Effective education leaders exert a considerable impact on learning outcomes. That’s according to a Wallace Foundation report that concludes that students in schools with more capable principals learn substantially more in both reading and math. How much more? The report asserts that “the impact of replacing a below-average elementary school principal (i.e., one at the 25th percentile of effectiveness) with an above-average principal (i.e., at the 75th percentile) would result in an additional 2.9 months of math learning and 2.7 months of reading learning each year for students in that school.”

If you’re an education leader who aspires to bring about positive change in a classroom, school, or district, a Master of Education (MEd) program can help you gain the necessary skills and expertise. A master’s degree is typically required to become a school principal, but the job opportunities hardly end there. This article outlines numerous career paths open to those pursuing an MEd. 

Exploring the Value of a Master’s Degree in Education

The education profession encompasses many roles, including teaching, school administration, curriculum design, and public policy. An MEd degree provides a gateway to educational leadership positions and enables you to pursue specialized roles in such fields as instructional design and special education. 

In addition to more versatile job opportunities, a master’s degree can also increase your earning potential. According to a National Association of Colleges and Employers salary survey, the average starting salary for those with a master’s degree specializing in education administration and supervision is 50 percent higher than for workers with a bachelor’s degree. Likewise, teachers with master’s degrees earn salaries nearly 28 percent higher than their peers with bachelor’s degrees only. Many public school systems award automatic pay increases to educators with advanced degrees.

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Master’s in Education Job Outcomes and Opportunities

A Master of Education degree can boost your prospects on three career paths: 

  • Classroom and teaching.
  • Educational leadership and administration.
  • Curriculum development and instructional design.

Classroom Roles 

A teacher shortage in the U.S. has left at least one vacancy in 45 percent of all public schools. According to federal data, the deficit of qualified special education teachers is particularly acute. A master’s in education, like the online MEd offered by Tulane University, can help prepare you to help mitigate the shortfall. 

The Tulane MEd curriculum offers a special education focus area option. You will learn to assess and evaluate students with disabilities and master instructional practices. Upon graduation, you can apply for roles like special education teacher or school counselor.

A separate specialization focuses on teaching English learners. You will learn to identify opportunity gaps in educational practices that affect multi-language learners, enabling you to facilitate a more inclusive classroom. When you graduate, you can apply for jobs like English as a second language (ESL) specialist or become your school’s support coordinator for English language learners. 

Educational Leadership and Administrative Roles 

The Master of Education degree prepares educators for leadership and administrative roles at the school, district, city, state, and national levels. Tulane offers an Equity-Centered Education Leadership specialization that cultivates the skills to promote equitable education in various settings. 

As a Tulane MEd student, you will take courses in educational leadership and policy, stakeholder engagement, and driving change and transformation. Upon graduation, you can apply to leadership and administrative roles like school principal, education policy analyst, and education director

Curriculum Development and Instructional Design Roles 

Curriculum development and instructional design require a grounding in learning theory and pedagogic best practices. A Master of Education degree can provide both. Tulane’s online MEd learning experience design specialization trains you to create goal-oriented, inclusive, learner-centered experiences. Coursework covers the foundations of instructional design, trends and issues in learning experience design, emerging technologies, and game-based learning. 

With an MEd specializing in learning design, you can apply for jobs like learning experience designer, instructional designer, and instructional coordinator. Instructional designers and coordinators work in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, professional schools, and the private sector.

Make an Impact with the Tulane Online Master’s Degree 

The Tulane online MEd can help you reach your education leadership goals. The curriculum offers four specialization options so you can tailor your degree to your career aspirations. Throughout the program, you will develop critical competencies rooted in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that align with elements of the National Educational Leadership Preparation recognition standards. These skills will empower you to improve education systems. 

As a Tulane MEd student, you will learn how to: 

  • Understand and advocate for ethical decisions.
  • Cultivate and enact professional norms.
  • Develop and maintain a supportive, equitable, culturally responsive, and inclusive school culture.
  • Evaluate, develop, and implement coherent curriculum, instruction, data, support, and assessment systems.
  • Build a school’s professional capacity, engage staff in developing a collaborative professional culture, and improve staff supervision, evaluation, support, and professional learning systems.

The Tulane School of Professional Achievement values lifelong learning, and the online master’s in education is designed with working professionals in mind. The online program allows you to earn your degree from any location while remaining in the workforce.

Find a Degree That Fits Your Goals 

A master’s in education prepares you with the theoretical framework and practical skills to lead classrooms, schools, school districts, government agencies, advocacy organizations, and education companies. You will study how to improve student achievement, increase teacher satisfaction and efficacy, and promote equity in education. An advanced degree can also open up more job opportunities and increase your earning potential. 

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, contact an enrollment advisor to learn more about the Tulane MEd program. Enrollment advisors can help you determine whether this is the right program for you and help you prepare your application when you are ready.

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