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EDUC 6180 – Driving Change and Transformation for Impact

March 8, 2023

Supports education leaders in managing change and leading transformation in ways that create the conditions for discernible impact: excellence for all. We begin with a survey of how law and policy drive change over time and the role education leaders play in policy enactment and advocacy. With change as the one anticipated constant, the course investigates shifting priorities that affect the outcomes and impact we seek. An examination of systemic reforms and strategies that have failed helps future leaders to determine what went wrong and highlight promising practices that emerge from effective change management. We put data — mining for, gathering, analyzing, using to drive improvement — front and center, as well as standards of excellence for guiding and gauging success. The course recaps the previous four to pressure test that the vision, talent and learning systems, organizational function, and impactful participation are in place and driving the organization toward achieving results. Students will develop a public narrative and strategic communication plan around their vision and strategy for change.

3.0 Credit Hours