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EDUC 6220/EDUC 3220 – Linguistics for English Language Learning

March 8, 2023

Introduces students to English language structures, English language use, second language development, and language processes to support and ensure success of multilingual learners of English. Students examine and assess how, when, and why core concepts and ideas from language acquisition and linguistics impact the teaching and learning of multilingual learners of English. Upon completion, students identify, understand, and explain the nature of language-learning challenges arising in the use of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills across different content areas. They develop and elaborate plans for instructional and learning techniques and strategies to address those language-learning challenges. For students pursuing an MEd, this course also includes an in-depth examination of the grammar of spoken and written English. This results in students having the ability to analyze and explain language use and language-use errors from a discourse perspective that considers the authentic use of language in context versus the prescribed use of decontextualized language. Students pursuing an MEd also investigate the research techniques and tools of corpus linguistics and develop plans, strategies, and techniques for applying and sharing their knowledge with learners and colleagues.

3.0 Credit Hours