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EDUC 6240/EDUC 3240 – Inclusive Curriculum and Materials Design for Multicultural Classrooms

March 8, 2023

Introduces students to the concept of English learner (EL)-inclusive curriculum and materials design for multicultural classrooms. Students survey the steps of the curriculum and materials-design process to identify opportunities for instructional decision-making that lead to greater inclusivity for multilingual learners of English. They also examine and explain the ways in which curricula and materials create or do not create inclusive learning experiences for multilingual learners of English in multicultural classrooms. At the completion of this course, students propose and enact modifications to curricula and materials that create greater EL-inclusivity in multicultural classrooms. For students pursuing an MEd, this course also includes investigation into the academic research on the lack of inclusivity and bias in standardized tests and other curriculum-mandated assessments.

3.0 Credit Hours