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EDUC 6250/EDUC 3250 – Methods for Teaching Multilingual Learners of English

March 8, 2023

Introduces students to evidence-based approaches, techniques and instructional strategies used to create supportive, learner-centered environments for multilingual learners of English. Students develop and apply an understanding of how and why the principles and instructional strategies of content-based language learning can be effectively used to provide grade-level, standards-based instruction for multilingual learners of English. At the completion of this course, students analyze and evaluate the appropriateness of materials and resources for multilingual learners of English, as well as use scaffolding strategies to provide comprehensible input for multilingual learners of English. They design content-based, grade-level, standards-based lessons for multilingual learners of English using the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) model. Students pursuing an MEd examine academic research on the use of two different pedagogies associated with culturally responsive or culturally relevant education (e.g., trauma-informed pedagogy, funds of knowledge approach, equity pedagogy, indigenous pedagogy, etc.) and evaluate the impact that combining the principles/practices of these pedagogies with the use of the SIOP model might have on multilingual learners of English.

3.0 Credit Hours