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EDUC 6500/ EDUC 5500 – Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Disabilities

March 8, 2023

Introduces students to the collection and use of comprehensive assessment and evaluation data to ensure the success of students with high-incidence disabilities. Students analyze frameworks for assessment and evaluation to underscore the sequences, procedures, and decisions involved in a comprehensive process. Topics include collecting data through multiple measures to drive informed decisions about identification, eligibility, individualized education plan (IEP) creation, services, and instruction. It also targets curriculum resources and intervention strategies with an emphasis on tiered planning and implementation. At the completion of this course, students identify, understand, and implement evidence-based practices on data usage with a particular emphasis on using data to design instructional and behavioral interventions necessary for building on individual strengths and addressing the needs of students with disabilities. Graduate students will deepen these understandings of assessment and evaluation through extensive review of the latest research from the field and apply these understandings in a culminating task based on the assessment and evaluation of two actual students found in a case study scenario.

3.0 Credit Hours