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EDUC 6550/ EDUC 5550 – Self-Determination and Transition

March 8, 2023

Develops students’ proficiency in career development and self-determined transition planning and education for persons with disabilities from middle school through adulthood. Emphasis is placed on requirements per the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for transition services, career development, and best practices in the transition processes. At the completion of this course, educators develop a background and framework for fostering post-secondary success necessary for leading IEP teams through the development of a student-centered plan focused on the knowledge and skills necessary for successful transition to college, career, and independent living. Graduate students analyze research and then design and deliver a professional development seminar to schools they identify as needing improvement in the area of FBA and behavioral intervention planning. Note: This course is part of the required course sequence for the grades 4-8 and 6-12 “mild-moderate add-on special education certification” in the state of Louisiana.

3.0 Credit Hours