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EDUC 6560/ EDUC 5560 – Fundamentals of Instructional Technology for Students with Disabilities

March 8, 2023

Explores the use of technology, services, and accessible design principles that serve to support students with disabilities in meeting their goals. Students are introduced to instructional technology, explore a variety of low- and high-technology tools and services, and apply accessible design principles to create effective and meaningful instruction for all students. At the conclusion of this course, students apply a problem-solving approach for identifying and selecting appropriate technological tools and services based on student need; they also identify and plan for instructional practices that provide access and promote success for students with disabilities. Graduate students conduct a review of related research to identify the most promising practices in assistive technology and then design and deliver a professional development seminar to schools they identify as needing improvement in the area of FBA and behavioral intervention planning.

3.0 Credit Hours