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The Benefits of Earning a Master of Education Degree Online

April 29, 2024

Creating positive change in our education system requires knowledgeable and highly skilled teachers, administrators, and policymakers. That’s why the most impactful roles in our education system—principals and other administrators, school board leaders, counselors, and policy advocates, to name a few—require or prefer candidates who hold an advanced degree like a Master of Education (MEd). An MEd confers expertise that can broaden your career opportunities and earning potential and bolster your ability to implement effective change. 

Returning to school can present challenges, however, especially for busy professionals who are managing demanding professional and personal responsibilities. That’s why so many students pursue their graduate degrees online. According to the 2023 Changing Landscape of Online Education report, 63 percent of graduate students reported increased interest in online learning the previous year. That report predicts that over half of all US graduate students will study majority or fully online by 2025, with only 16 percent studying majority or fully on-campus.

Online learning expands student options beyond what is available locally, allowing them to more precisely tailor an MEd that fits their career needs and ambitions. Remote learning means you no longer have to live in the New Orleans area to earn your MEd from Tulane University, whose online Master of Education program offers four specialization areas. Read on to learn more about the program, the advantages of earning a degree online, and how online programs can foster positive student outcomes.

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What Is a Master of Education Degree? 

Master of Education degree programs span various fields, including leadership, age-specific pedagogy, curriculum development, learning design and educational technology, student assessment, research, counseling, teaching English learners, and special education. Like a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), the MEd can improve your teaching skills and knowledge. The MEd also covers extracurricular disciplines such as learning design and athletic leadership. Many consider the MEd the preferred degree for those aspiring to administrative and district leadership roles. 

Explore the Many Advantages of Earning an MEd Online

Online graduate degree programs offer several benefits, including broader program options and scheduling flexibility. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways students benefit from pursuing their degrees online.

Flexibility and Convenience 

Online study eliminates the need to commute to campus, saving busy students valuable time that can be put to better use. Asynchronous coursework enables students to study anytime, anywhere they can access the internet, allowing them to fit schoolwork into the nooks and crannies of their daily schedules.

Access to Quality Education 

Before online learning, students’ program choices were limited to what was available locally (unless they were willing to relocate). Online delivery makes it possible for students to study anywhere globally, making it significantly easier to attend a prestigious institution.

Nationally recognized for academic excellence, Tulane University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award master’s degrees. Online MEd students at Tulane University earn a degree identical to their on-campus peers and can expect the same high-quality education but without having to step foot on campus.

Customization and Specialization  

Specialization enables students to customize their degree to their career objectives. The MEd program at Tulane features specialized coursework that familiarizes students with the foundational concepts necessary to develop innovative teaching and education practices. 

Students may pursue a specialization with a diploma designation or a graduate certificate in the following four disciplines:

  • Equity-Centered Education Leadership: Build and apply equitable and inclusive educational practices in both public and private settings. Courses include Education Leadership and Policy for Changemakers, Engaging Family and Community Stakeholders, Driving Change and Transformation for Impact, and more. 
  • Learning Experience Design: Create innovative learning experiences by understanding emerging educational trends, processes, and technologies. Students can choose from courses such as Emerging Technologies and Learning Perspectives, Game-Based Learning Technology and Design, and Mobile Learning Design and Studio.
  • Teaching English Learners: Identify and address opportunity gaps that affect multi-language learners to create more inclusive learning environments. Courses include Linguistics for English Language Learning, Intercultural Communication and Language Pedagogy, and Methods for Teaching Multilingual Learners of English. 
  • Special Education Courses: Help students build their foundation in special education best practices by applying their knowledge to real-world contexts. Electives include Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Disabilities, Instructional Practices in Special Education, Self-Determination and Transition, and more.

Collaborative Learning Environment 

A mix of interactive classes, collaborative projects, and opportunities to access industry professionals fosters an inclusive community of learners in Tulane’s online MEd program. A high-touch online learning management platform facilitates rich interaction among students and faculty.

Virtual Classroom Experience 

The online MEd program at Tulane employs a blended learning approach, combining digital tools with self-paced studying to accommodate various learning styles. The program integrates technology to create engaging, interactive learning opportunities. 

How to Apply to Tulane’s Online MEd Program 

Each online MEd cohort at Tulane includes students of diverse professional and educational backgrounds. Application requirements include

  • Two written prompt responses: one describing one short-term and one long-term goal; the other recounting a significant challenge or opportunity in your proposed area of study. 
  • Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
  • An up-to-date resume or CV
  • A non-refundable application fee of $50

The Tulane online MEd program application does not require professional prerequisites, language testing for international applicants, or GMAT or GRE scores.

Tulane offers eligible students financial aid and scholarships. Opportunities include:

  • Federal aid: Students must complete their FAFSA to determine their eligibility.
  • Early Enrollment Scholarships: Students who register by an early enrollment deadline are eligible for a scholarship that counts towards their first semester’s tuition.
  • 20 Percent Scholarship: Eligible students can receive a 20 percent discount on their tuition. Please visit the scholarship page to determine whether you meet any of the criteria.
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program: Students who are eligible for 100 percent of Chapter 33 benefits can receive funds without an additional charge to their GI Bill entitlement. 
  • Employer Sponsorship: Complete SoPA’s online form after determining whether your employer will sponsor your degree. 

Invest in an Education Format that Works for Your Lifestyle

Earning a Master of Education degree can open doors to careers in teaching and education leadership. The online MEd program at Tulane provides students with immersive learning opportunities and flexible scheduling designed to accommodate those who work full-time. Interested students can learn more about potential MEd career paths, scholarships and grants, and the admissions process by visiting the blog on the Tulane School of Professional Advancement website

Contact an enrollment advisor to schedule a one-on-one walkthrough or ask questions about the program, application, and enrollment process. 

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